about e3

Our Purpose.

E3 was founded to help children, families, and communities in developing countries, and to do it in the most effective way we know how – by providing an education based on the understanding that each student is a child of God. Experience tells us that a teacher’s elevated view of the student makes all the difference. When students are loved, valued and seen as unlimited, they do more and go farther than they ever thought possible.

The schools we support are based on the following universal spiritual principles: Every child is the reflection of the one infinite, loving Father-Mother God. As Mind's expression, every child is unlimited and free to express infinite intelligence and ability. Reflecting God’s goodness, every child is purely good – honest, unselfish, kind, respectful. Every child has a unique purpose and something to give to the world. These principles are basic to Christian Science, a recognized worldwide religion established over 150 years ago. Schools that educate according to these spiritual precepts bless children and their families, strengthen churches and communities, and play a role in elevating world thought.